Lesson seven: They’ve changed me

I don’t think I’d held a baby until I gave birth the first time round, children have never really been my thing but somehow it’s happened, at the tender age of 25 (+2), I’ve turned in to my mother. She loved children, even down to her profession.  I used to mock her for cooing at every child she saw but now nothing makes me all gooey inside like seeing children dancing at a wedding. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t love all children and am generally still awkward around them, and most other people, but their faces as they bobble around like little drunks is infectious. The little urchins have infected me.

Our friends had a wedding in the woods over the weekend which in the past would have been a chance to dress up and get a bit tipsy but now there’s two things I go to weddings for; children dancing and the way the couple look at each other. I am a total sap. I don’t know when it happened. I don’t know if it was after having kids, hormones and what not, or just an age thing but I can fight it no longer. Moving forward I will be embracing James Blunt, comfortable footwear and… *takes breath* toleration of other people’s children. 

If you see me out these days I may even talk to your child, not you though because I still don’t like grown people. And not if your kid is that kid at soft-play, you’ll just get the evil eye. Unless my kid is being that kid at soft-play in which case you’ll get the I’m-sorry-but-I-literally-have-no-control-please-don’t-hate-me eye. Some things don’t change, I will always hate soft play. 



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