Reepham Festival 2018

The MD is currently sunning herself on the continent without us, classic MD, so we took the caravan to the village I grew up in for **drum roll please** Reepham Festival 2018! To clear this up before we start it’s ReePHam like ReeFam, not ReePam and definitely not ReeDham. Pah, Reedham. Poor mans Reepham. Just kidding, that’s Cawston. [That’s just a bit of Norfolk banter for you. It’s okay, I’m at zero risk of them being able to read this until at least 2025 when the dial up has finished loading.]

Top of the things I loved watching this weekend was my brother run around in a high vis jacket. I had no idea he could move that fast, like dial up to 11 fast. Well done bro, you did good, maybe take the high vis off now though. 

A close second on ‘things I loved watching this weekend’ was my 37 year old husband very nearly throw his underwear on stage. He was more excited than a 12 year old girl watching One Direction (or whatever The Yoot are in to these days). The reason for this giddiness? A band all the way from the US of A doing 80s style glam rock versions of disco songs… honestly he nearly wet himself. I haven’t seen him this excited since they announced the Pitch Perfect sequels. I’m fairly certain he would use me as a human shield to save Anna Kendrick. Thanks Anna. Still, the band ‘Tragedy’ have five albums so that’s five years of father’s day presents sorted. 

I got to meet up with friends who in-between this blog and having to witness us popping a gigantic zit on one of the dogs are firmly happy with their dependant free lives… well slept bastards. The dogs loved the countryside, Boob Baby loved dancing and I loved being back home. Child rearing always feels like less work when there’s more people about. I think it really does take a village to raise a child. Even if that village has been drinking since 10.30am because it’s festival day, the most exciting thing to happen in Reepham since the time someone stole the atm machine and the wall with it. 

On reflection I have two overriding thoughts from the weekend; looking after one kid is a piece of piss compared to two and trying to keep ear defenders on a baby should be an olympic sport. 

Reepham Festival, see you next year! 

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  1. Ha ha I can just see Peter excited by something like this. Child rearing in its entirety should be an Olympic sport!!


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