About the DDs

The dogs; Spotty Crotch and Poo Monster. The kids; a Mini Dictator and Boob Baby.

My sister tells me a mating is considered successful after the offspring has had offspring. That’s setting the bar a bit high so I’m aiming for bedtime, if we all make it to bedtime I’m winning.

When I was pregnant I was focused on two things;

  1. the birth
  2. how to feed the thing I birthed

While the birth is important, painfully important, keeping a human being alive and attempting to raise them in to a functioning member of society is pretty important too, and I hadn’t really lent that much thought. I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t even know what talcum powder was for.

I still don’t know what talcum powder is for but I keep some on the shelf because I don’t want the health visitors to judge me. All I can say for sure is it probably doesn’t taste very nice as it’s pretty much the only thing in my house the dogs haven’t tried to eat.

I’ll be sharing my experiences, reviews and thoughts as I navigate family life. Click on ‘The blog’ on the menu and enjoy!

Artwork by CrispPyro

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