Mr President

I’ve used this picture before but I thought it was pretty topical. This week the Leader of the Free World visited our tiny island. As this page is about dogs and dependants I’ll try to keep it on theme.

My dogs are a very good judge of character. They are castrated and they love rolling in poo, so the rabbits won’t smell them coming but instead mistake them for a clumsy dog shaped cow poo. So if there’s one thing they know it’s a sackless fraud talking shit. So although they are yet to meet the President I am confident they would not take a treat from his average* sized hands. If he threw a ball demonstrating the best throw ever, just the best because he is the best at throwing, the ball would remain forgotten and un-fetched. And they fucking love balls.

Sometimes my children give me a particular look. It’s a pretty heart-breaking mix of confusion, anger and disappointment when I can’t fix something for them. I’m not a fan of those looks. They hold me accountable and one day I’ll have to answer with an explanation; justification of the way I lived my life, the choices I made and what I’ve left behind for them to deal with.

I’m not the only one that should be afraid of those looks. Mr President you should also be afraid, along with any others ignoring common sense and science. One day my children will see their world drowning in plastic, or the ice caps melting, or the crops not growing and realise your inaction. Based on the shit-storm that follows me cutting their toast the wrong way, or offering them the wrong coloured juice, the look coming your way as you try to explain why you let their planet die will haunt you. As you stumble through trying to convince them, and you, that your bank balance was more important than their friends, the birds, oceans and air they breath, you will regret your choices. They will judge you because weather is not climate, a person’s body is their own and ignorance is not an excuse, particularly when you have put yourself in a position of influence. They will not understand why you chose to be part of the problem rather than the solution.

Luckily my children are stubborn, their cousins are stubborn and their friends are stubborn. With an education behind them they will fix this mess, they will have no other choice, but they will not forget the part you played.

Also, keep your little mitts off the NHS. It’s ours.  


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