For their Dada

My rules may control the fun, but you inject the fun in to this operation. That came naturally to you.

You see the bigger picture. You’re not offended if Daddy isn’t the favourite, instead propping me up when only Mummy will do.

You carry them when their legs are tired and swing them when their legs are bored. You carry us all really.

You teach them annoying shit I really wish you wouldn’t. Like pull my finger, or Mummy’s name is Kraken, or shouting that Mummy needs a shower in public, ideally quiet, places.

You are their defender and their biggest advocate. You set their standard for men, they will aspire to be or surround themselves with men like you. You are exactly the Dad they need.

The dogs tolerate me, they love you. They appointed you pack leader seven years ago and that’s where you’ve stayed. They have yet to learn the MD is really in charge.

Keep doing what you do.

Happy Father’s day x

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