Lesson four: Sleep is for the weak

At 2am.. and 3am… and 4am I’ve asked myself ‘why won’t they just sleep?!’ The answer to that is pretty simple, they’re infants and that’s what infants do. Knowing that doesn’t make it any easier though and like many in a haze of desperation I’ve made purchases I thought would help. This is how I came across MyHummy.

I’ve had it since my boy was a few weeks old. I’m going to put it out there now and say he is not sleeping through the night. Nowhere near in fact but bear with me as this is still a positive review. Since becoming a mother the people in my house are ranked on their sleeping abilities; my husband being a ‘good sleeper’ type, my daughter a ‘sleep if for the weak’ sort and my son ‘room for improvement’. With the addition of MyHummy my husband has been promoted to ‘nuclear apocalypse hit last night but I’m still pretty well rested, what’s for breakfast anyway?’. I guarantee my son will outgrow the need for his MyHummy bear before my husband does. 

It’s pretty noisy in my house. Since being in the womb my son has had to listen to a none stop barrage of toddler shouts and the howls of the dogs as they ‘defend’ the castle. Because of this he sleeps better when there’s a bit of noise, but as he’s got older and recognises his sister’s voice he can easily wake when she aims some wise words his way… ‘BROTHER when me grow up me have big boobs and drive’. Aim high my girl, aim high. The MyHummy is great at offering some background noise while drowning out his sister’s commentaries. When he wakes at night it can be too quiet for him and I’ve noticed he’ll settle straight down after a feed when his MyHummy is on. This extends to situations where unfortunately I can’t get to him to offer physical reassurance, like in the car.

I wasn’t looking for a product to replace me but I did want to create a space he feels safe enough to sleep in which MyHummy definitely contributes to. I love the different settings and that it can stay on all night so it’s one less thing for me to forget after feeding him.

At the end of the day there is no miracle cure to make an infant sleep and I’m pretty sure if we were in their position we’d want a snack and reassurance as well… in fact rewind to your infancy and you did. For my little one this does offer reassurance and I’m all for that. He doesn’t sleep through the night but that’s okay, it will come. Till then I’m off to buy shares in coffee and make sure his Hummy is switched on.

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  1. I absolutely agree that sleep is in fact only for the weak. My two sons have taught me this repeatedly over the last few years that I can in fact survive on only a couple of periods of maybe 2 hours a night. The rest of the time can in fact be spent in various positions around the house just thinking about being asleep and it seems to work just fine.


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