Safety razor

This has nothing to do with dogs or dependents so if you came to this page for pics of cute pups and have found yourself reading about how I avoided a DYI labiaplasty, sorry about that.  I’ve been trying to swap out single use items for products with longer life spans so before Christmas I... Continue Reading →

Reepham Festival 2018

The MD is currently sunning herself on the continent without us, classic MD, so we took the caravan to the village I grew up in for **drum roll please** Reepham Festival 2018! To clear this up before we start it's ReePHam like ReeFam, not ReePam and definitely not ReeDham. Pah, Reedham. Poor mans Reepham. Just... Continue Reading →

Lesson four: Sleep is for the weak

At 2am.. and 3am... and 4am I've asked myself 'why won't they just sleep?!' The answer to that is pretty simple, they're infants and that's what infants do. Knowing that doesn't make it any easier though and like many in a haze of desperation I've made purchases I thought would help. This is how I... Continue Reading →

Lesson three: Not all nappies are born equal

A week away in the caravan has spurred me to write up a full review of the Motherease Wizard Uno we’ve been trying out for The Nappy Lady. I took disposables away with us because that would be easier than finding suitable washing facilities right?! Nope. Eleventy-billion wardrobe changes later I found myself pining for... Continue Reading →

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